Zimbabwe Facts
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Zimbabwe Facts

Size: 390,580 square kilometers (slightly larger than Montana)

Capital: Harare

Population: 12.65 million

Life expectancy at birth:

Total Population: 37.78 years
Male: 39.18 years
Female: 36.34 years

is the Shona
word meaning
'house of rock'.

Neighboring countries:

West and southwest: Botswana
North and northwest: Zambia
East: Mozambique
South: South Africa


English (official)

numerous but minor tribal dialects

Flag: Bird emblem (ancient city of Zimbabwe) on white (peace) triangle along the hoist, with green, yellow, red, and black horizontal stripes.


Tropical to sub-tropical;
Temperatures vary with altitude (lows in 40ís & 50ís Fahrenheit in winter in Harare)
November-March rainy season (except in eastern highlands).


Christian: 25%
Syncretist (indigenous beliefs mixed with Christian beliefs): 50%
Indigenous beliefs: 24%
Muslim and other: 1%


Greenwich Mean Time plus 2 hours


Tobacco, gold, ferro-alloys, nickel, cotton, maize, sugar, coffee, asbestos, copper, iron and steel, textiles and clothing, meat.


Machinery and transport equipment, petroleum products, chemicals, manufactured goods.

Main Industries:

Mining, metals (mainly ferrochrome and steel) and metal products, textiles and clothing, chemicals, food processing, beverages and tobacco.

Main Crops:

Maize, millet, sweet potatoes, bananas, coffee, cotton, tea.

Last Updated: August 7, 2001

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