Odessa Meteor Crater


Permian Basin Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Midland-Odessa

Listening to the tube on one side of the playground...

...while someone else talks into it on the other side.


American Airpower Heritage Museum, Midland-Odessa

Look at me fly the airplane...

Look at ME fly the airplane...

Look at me drive the golf cart.  OOPS! I didn't realize this isn't part of the exhibits...this is what the workers here ride around in.  I better get out RIGHT NOW!

This is the exact type of bomber that dropped the world's first atomic bombs on Japan.  "Fifi" can still fly.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking.  Prepare for takeoff."

Do you think those passengers back there really trust this crew to get this thing off the ground?

M-4 Sherman Tank.  This is what their grandfather, O. Pat Hastings. Jr., was a loader and then gunner on during World War II in 1944 in northern Europe.

Vietnam War era airplanes.


Monahans Sandhills State Park





Visitors visiting the Monahans Sandhills SP visitor's center.

The wind wanted to carry some of the tents away as soon as they were no longer staked down.



The night before this picture was taken, Pat III and Pat IV climbed the highest sand dune in the park...with flashlights in the dark!


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