McKittrick Canyon Day Hike - Going In

McKittrick Canyon visitor's center and trailhead

Troop 77 hiked to the Grotto.

Crossing McKittrick Creek in one of the places that it runs underground.

Maybe they used to clean game carcasses on these stone tables?

McKittrick Creek comes to the surface.

Now the creek has gone underground again.

Inside the Pratt Lodge.

Outside the Pratt Lodge.


McKittrick Canyon mule deer


Return to trailhead

The abandoned Hunter Line Cabin.  Ranch workers used to stay here.

This is the end of the line, all right.  The National Park Service has closed South McKittrick Canyon to entry by the public.

Picnic area between the Hunter Line Cabin and the Grotto.  They're only a few hundred feet apart, actually.

Picnickers become too rowdy and noisy... Sheriff Pat has to rein them in.


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