"Grandest View In Texas" from Hunter Peak

Some of us decided to drop our backpacks and hike the half mile trip to Hunter Peak.

It may not look like it in these photos, but up here on the top of Hunter Peak the wind is gusting over 50 mph. We feel like we're about to be blown off of here any second!

Guadalupe Peak and El Capitan in all their splendor.  Unfortunately, because of the wind there's also quite a lot of dust making the views hazy on this day.

Descending from Hunter Peak.

Looking west toward Bush Mountain.

El Capitan is in the background.

"Is that a BEAR?"  No, it's just Paul with his backpack...whew!

Looking down toward Pine Springs.  This is where we'll soon be headed, 4 miles down the Tejas Trail and 2500 feet below.


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