Hiking Through "The Bowl"

"I don't think you guys are even carrying real backpacks."

"Oh yeah?"

"What about these?"

Another abandoned water storage tank.

Is that Guadalupe Peak peeking at us?  (no pun intended)

Circling The Bowl on the Juniper Trail

Guadalupe Peak is truly an awe-inspiring sight in God's creation.

Yet another old water tank.

Recharging batteries, aka catching Z's.  Who is that masked man, anyway?

This section of The Bowl was ravaged by a forest fire some years ago.

At the junction of the Juniper Trail and the Bowl Trail.

We take the Bowl Trail.  There's forest fire-decimated terrain in both directions.

Catching our breath.  The elevation in The Bowl is around 8000 feet.

Another view of Guadalupe Peak

Lunch time!


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