At The Top of Texas - Guadalupe Peak Summit - Elev. 2667 meters

This is the highest point in Texas.  The obelisk was placed there by American Airlines to commemorate the Pony Express which went around the base of Guadalupe Peak for a brief time in the mid-1800's.

Standing above El Capitan!

Troop 77 rests at the summit.

Hunter Peak

Looking across at The Bowl in the distance. It's filled with ponderosa pine and Douglas fir forest.

View of Bush Mountain, the second highest peak in Texas.  No relation to the George Bush family that I know of.  :-)

Notice the salt flats far below in the distance.

This 120-degree panorama is looking from west to north to northeast .  On the horizon to the northwest, we could see the snow-covered crest of 12,000 foot Sierra Blanca near Ruidoso, New Mexico, even though it's approximately 100 miles away. However, the (too cheap) 35mm camera is not sensitive enough to pick up what the human eye can, as Sierra Blanca does not seem to be visible in any of the photos. 

Congratulations, Richard, you made it!

Looking down at El Capitan.

Troop 77 celebrates reaching the summit.

Gary celebrates reaching the summit...with a full pack!

"Do we have to go down?"

On a clear day like today, you can see for around a hundred miles in every direction.  And that's a lot of real estate.

This is what we climbed up and around to reach the summit.

Hunter Peak

"Pat, can you carry me down?"


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