Balmorhea State Park

Balmorhea, Texas - March 16, 2002



Balmorhea, Texas - March 17, 2002


Sunrise at Balmorhea

All this water comes from the artesian springs at Balmorhea.

Minnows by the millions

"C'mon Pat, I'll jump in if you will!"

Since the main pool is over 25 feet deep, this is a very popular place for scuba divers. It may also be about the only place in west Texas where they can dive.

This is NOT a heated swimming pool!

Cienega - Restored desert wetlands


Fort Davis National Historic Site

Around 1905 (at about age 15), my grandmother, Virginia Gulley née Luce, lived with her family in one of these abandoned officer's quarters that the private owner of the property--to whom Fort Davis had reverted--leased to renters. Her family had moved there from their original home state of Mississippi in an attempt to get her mother into a better climate to try to recover from chronic respiratory illness.  When I was a little boy and my grandmother was in her mid-70's, we took her to visit this site and enjoyed listening to her reminisce about it.  The fort's buildings have been substantively restored since the time of my childhood visit with my grandmother.


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