San Antonio Independent
Christian Film Festival

Nov 11-13, 2004

Location: Gonzalez Convention Center and environs,
downtown San Antonio, Texas
View more photos and text from the SAICFF 2004 on the Vision Forum website


Wandering through the Hemisphere Plaza next door

The Alamodome is in the background

Wow, that Tower of the Americas is TALL!


On the Paseo Del Rio (San Antonio River Walk)

Baritone balladeer Charlie Zahm performing at night at the Arneson River Theater along the Paseo del Rio

Storyteller George Sarris performing The World's Greatest Stories at the Arneson River Theater

With film writer, director, and producer Rich Christiano (see also The Christiano Brothers Story) following screening of his great movie Time Changer

Festival catalyst and organizer Doug Phillips of Vision Forum

Rich Christiano leading a Saturday morning seminar...

...and talking with attendees after another seminar.


Wandering through the Gonzalez Convention Center

Can you spot the mystery hand (fingers, actually)?


With Bo Brinkman, General Robert E. Lee's assistant in the movie Gods And Generals